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Every stitch counts

Meet Tysen and Heidi Fausett, we live in Herriman, UT.  We have three children (and one daughter-in-law).  Heidi has always enjoyed working with computer technology and being apart of the business world.  Heidi has another company called Fausett Consulting, that keeps her quite busy.  Tysen is a high school administrator for Granite School District.  We enjoy the outdoors, small towns, and serving and helping others.  Family and Friends are everything to us.

I (Heidi) have always wanted to start and run a business.  Most of my life I have ran companies for other people, or created web applications and customized websites for companies to run their businesses.  I decided this was the year to put the principles that I have taught others into practice for myself. 

 Lil'Loopy was created to provide quality made (Handcrafted) products to others.  We may not be able to compete with the big chain craft stores, but there is something special in knowing someone took time to make your product perfect.  That they took the time to take pride in their creation and it was not made by a machine and shipped from china (wink!)  We love what we do and will continue as long as we can.

Thank you for your support, we value all of our current and future customers.

We are excited to start Lil'Loopy and see how far it can grow.

Thank you for stopping by!

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