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Our Creators

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Connie Lloyd

Enoch, Utah

Connie learned to first crochet at a youth activity when she was 12 years old.  Her mother worked with her to keep learning the skill.  Connie has raised 8 children and retired 6 years ago as the Iron County Senior Citizens Coordinator.  Connie has been supplying all of Southern Utah, family and friends with her cute Scrubbies, washcloths, blankets and many more crochet crafts throughout the years.  She happens to be my Mom and she is amazing.


Chula Vista, CA

My love for sewing began at a time in my life when I was young and in need of a creative outlet.  I had recently had a baby and my mother-in-law came to help me out(she was the one who bought my first sewing machine, bless her heart).  My husband was in the Navy and was deployed at the time so I really needed something for those quiet nights while my little one was sleeping and I was home alone.  I started small and I fell in love with the ability to create something from nothing.  Creating is my passion and I look forward to a challenge.  

Sew Cute Creations

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