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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

We have been in business since April 15, 2001. In our initial roll out of the business we wanted to have other "Creators" join Lil'Loopy and then offer their products on the website and at markets. Our intentions was to help other creators get noticed and offer a wide variety of products to customers. After selling on our website and at Markets for the last year, we have decided that the wide variety of products was hard to do. It was hard to give time to each Creator on social media and then you have the accounting issues. To simplify the business (since it our part-time gig), we have decided to stick to just crochet and sewing items. We will certainly still promote other creators (that is my favorite part of this business sharing all the talented creators our there), but we just won't sell other products.

Product Drops

We have also decided to do product drops. What is a product drop you ask? We will post new products on Instagram and our Facebook page and then give everyone a date/time those products will be available for purchase on the website. Products will remain on the website until they are out of season or stock. Often in product creation we only make(or purchase) a handful of a certain products and we want everyone to have a chance to purchase that product at the same time (many have missed a post notification so miss out on the new products). We are hoping product drops will help with this scenario.


We will still be doing markets throughout the year. Right now we will not participate in summer markets (because I only have a few years left with kids at home so going to soak up summer time), but we are "All in" on the Spring, Fall, and Winter markets. I absolutely love to participate in Markets. They are so fun and I enjoy getting to know all the vendors and customers that come by.

Well that is all I wanted to say. Fall is approaching and we are busy making items for markets and the website. We love what we do and appreciate all of you.

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