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What's in a business name anyway?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Several years ago I wanted to create a craft business. I pitched the idea to my sisters, some were in and some were too busy. We talked about a name "Lil'Loopy" and I went and registered the domain name, but we all got busy raising our families and just doing life that I put the idea away. Many (like 7 I believe) years later I decided it was time to get the business going. Since the domain was registered and I work in website creation/web applications for Fausett Consulting, I created a website, registered the business with the State and signed up for my first Market setting hand crochet and sewn items. Some items are made by my Mom, my sisters, and myself. I feel like hand made items are being left behind with all the amazing deals on Amazon and coming from China. We make everything by hand, it has our pride and joy worked into the creation. Our catch phrase "every stitch counts" means that we take our time making quality products, it means that each of our customers requests and orders are important to us. The business is owned by myself and my husband Tysen, but I do have lots of contributors to help get products into the shop. We are so excited for this new adventure and hope you will follow along with us.

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